Friday, June 22, 2012

Coffee Galore

Day 5 on the road:

Today, even though it was day 2 in Seattle, was our first FULL day there. So much fun was had in the downtown area. Not sure what I enjoyed most- the coffee where I received free re-fills, Pike's Place Market, the crazy people watching, or just being by the waterfront.

Ivars is an amazing place to check out, if you like clam chowder, or all things seafood...we had so much fun eating "with" the seagulls... they are SO well fed, that I'm not surprised Seattle is their home.

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  1. Beautiful family! Glad you are having a great time together.

  2. Looks like a wonderfully fun family outing. Is this really the first time I'm seeing Charlotte in jeans? That precious girl is always dressed in lovely skirts or leggings... I can't recall! She looks like a such a Davis, flip flops and all! xoxo, Jackie Autera

  3. You were in my home town?? What?? So sad I couldn't see you there! I'll be there in just about 2 weeks! Want to come back?? Hugs!

  4. Hi, first time commenter here, but I wanted to say a few things:

    - Thank you for sharing your journey with the world, it takes serious dedication as well as a knack for sharing to maintain a blog to the extent that you do.
    - Thank you for representing life abroad. I currently live in Thailand and can relate to your expat lifestyle.
    - Thank you for your photography. You've inspired me to take out my D-SLR and start learning how to shoot in full manual mode. When I find myself feeling frustrated, all I have to do is come back to your blog and feel inspired again by looking at your beautiful photos. You have an amazing eye to say the least. I would love for you to share more insight and advice like you've done in previous posts.
    - Finally, my reason for commenting on this post is to point out the picture in front of Starbucks where Charlotte is jumping. It looks as if she's levitating, the little angel that she is. Great capture!

    Best of luck! Thanks, again, for sharing your life.