Sunday, June 17, 2012

Creative Encouragement

When I jumped into the role of "Mama"... my life was turned completely upside down. Although I never actually went through 9 months of carrying Charlotte, and never experienced labor/delivery... I still was anxious/nervous/doubtful and completely filled with fear in the weeks leading up to actually meeting my little one. There are parts of me, that wish that a friend or someone would have encouraged me with "specific" scripture to meditate on... or shared their own honest/personal experiences with me. But that wasn't the case... {enter creative idea}... my sweet friend Lindsay is quickly approaching the time in which she will meet her little one, and I wanted to share some "encouragement" with her. I created a little creative letter/journal page that holds sweet quotes, shares some words from moi, and wrote down scripture that I thought might be useful to meditate on during her labor/delivery. Now that I think about it.. maybe I should have written them down on larger card stock paper... not quite sure if she'll be up for reading a tiny index card while getting through a contraction. Perhaps by that point she'll already have them memorized!

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  1. You are such a sweet friend, Karen! This is so thoughtful and so beautiful. I'll definitely be stealing this idea for my friends. :)

  2. I saw this one Lindsay's instagram. This is beautiful. I definitely would have loved something like this when I was first pregnant or really at any time because being a mama is hard! Also, such a great gift idea for a friend who is expecting!