Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Feeling Grand

Day 2 on the road:

We made it to Grand Canyon National Park... and boy was it GRAND. Just sticking my head over the side for the first time, I was in complete "awe" of how beautiful it is there. It measures just slightly larger than the state of Delaware, and can be seen from space (don't you just love interesting facts that they share with you?) I'm fairly certain that if we had more time there, we would have taken the donkeys down the side to see the bottom... but alas, time wasn't on our side, and since we had places to continue on to, we only had the 1 day there. We did try and catch as much as we could in the short period of time, and managed to come out with tanner arms/legs and chapped lips!

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy spending time with my little brother (like WAY little...I'm 30, he's 16!) ? He has no fear of heights, just like me...

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