Friday, June 01, 2012

__, Flirty, and Thriving...

"30" doesn't seem like an awful lot when you're looking at say...

30 strawberries... yeah definitely not enough... there's always more room in your tummy for more than just a handful of strawberries, right?

and it certainly doesn't feel quite as "full" when you look at "30" coffee beans... my goodness... I'm fairly certain that would only give you about 1/16th of a cup of coffee, which doesn't fly in my book.

but when you put the number "30" on a person... it can either be frightening, or welcoming... and today was the day when I had to make a decision....

to welcome "30" or send it packing...

and I decided to EMBRACE "30"... it isn't so bad... nope, not at all... The twenties were GREAT! I graduated school, was married, moved to a different state, and lived in 2 different countries on 2 different continents, have traveled to 25 different countries, adopted a beautiful little girl from one of those countries and became a Mama... no, turning "30" doesn't feel bad ONE bit...

and I have a little one who is not ashamed of having a "30" year old Mama...

Yup that's right... BRING IT ON "30"...
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  1. Happy Birthday!,!! I admit I was scared for 30, but a few years in, it wasnt so bad! Lol! (sorry for the typos, my iPad and I aren't getting along and it won't let me correct my errors!) Anyways, have an awesome birthday. :-)

  2. Happy birthday. The 30s are wonderful btw. You gain self confidence you never knew you had and you are still young and hot enough to enjoy it :-) (I'm in my early 40s now.)

  3. Happy Birthday Karen! We hit the 50's this year so you are still a young puppy! Enjoy your day!

  4. Happy Birthday! It's such a daunting number, isn't it? But, then you realize, "Well, I feel the same as I did when I went to sleep last night." :)

  5. Happy Birthday! I agree, 30 is nothing to be ashamed of...welcome to the club :)

  6. Happy 30th! It's not so bad, is it?!

  7. a. Thirty ain't got nuttin on being in your 50's!!!
    b. By the time you are there, 30 seems like ancient history (really, I can hardly remember who was President way back then (Yea, it might just be a memory problem, come to think of it).
    c. . . . and by the time you are 50, you'll have grandchildren, too . . . and then it doesn't matter HOW OLD you are -- Life is exceptional (especially if she's an adopted grand daughter because that means she was intentionally selected to be part of the family). It's all good NOW!!!

  8. 30 looks good on you! And I promise, it isn't so bad at all :)

  9. Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoyed your day :)