Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hello Seattle...

Day 4 on the road:

We made our way back to Las Vegas, and then flew to Seattle today. We made it in, just in time to capture the city at night for just a few minutes, before Charlotte fell asleep in Daddy's arms. We have all day tomorrow, so we'll be going around the city like little tourists taking it all in... but what I know I'm going to take in the most, is the COFFEE! Helllllo Seattle!

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  1. I love Seattle Coffee! If you are able to, make sure to check out Vivace. It's in the neighborhood of Capitol Hill. Here is the website:

    Best Latte I've ever had!

  2. Oh man!! Had I known you were here, I'd have driven up! I'm only an hour south of Seattle! I Hope you enjoyed the city while you were here :)

  3. Beautiful pictures! I love Charlotte's tank, so cute!!