Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Taste of Utah

Day 3 on the road: Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park

We made it into Utah on day 3, and were sort of sad that we didn't have as much time as we would have liked there. It was beautiful, to say the least, and again, we just took in as much as we could in the limited time that we had. At Bryce that rocks/canyons were this amazing bright burnt orange color, and the formations were unreal. There was a lot more vegetation at this canyon, so it was nice to see all the trees and what not surrounding the area. The green, was very much welcomed, after not seeing it for awhile.

After a few hours at Bryce Canyon, we made our way to Zion National Park... where we were SWEPT away by it's beauty. We barely had any time to do any trails there, but we took in all that we could take in, played in one of the creeks (it felt GREAT resting our feet in the cold water), and made a mental note to return to Zion, on another family vacation. I think what we loved most about it, was that the water was so accessible, and that instead of checking out the canyon/mountains from up top, we drove through them. We WILL be back, there's no doubt about that.

Charlotte's favorite part of the trip thus far, was "jumping" into the water, off the rocks with our help.

** I don't naturally style my hair, so that a wisp of it is always sticking up in the air... that is ALL courtesy of the natural breezes along the top of the canyon.
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  1. I love these photos...of things I will probably never see in person...but most of all, I LOVE seeing the pictures of the three of you together! :)