Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Two Sights

I have SO enjoyed these two sights lately...

Flowers that are flourishing from all the rain and sunlight they've been receiving... and a little girl, who just has grown in leaps and bounds because of all the love she's received since we've been here in the US (on top of what I already give her!) When we head back to Korea at the end of this month, she's going to be in with drawl from all of the attention she's been receiving. It's amazing to see how much her language has developed even more so, since we've been here... there's something to say for being in a country where she hears English ALL around her, versus Korea, where the only time she hears English, is when we're on the Air Base. Just another reason why I'm getting excited about our move back to the US come January 2013... if you haven't heard, we're heading to Oklahoma City, OK (unless plans change on us...with the Air Force, ya never know!) Who's going to be near me?
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  1. OKC? I can't wait! We have family there and in Tulsa. It'll be about time I get to hug your neck!