Friday, July 06, 2012

Beautiful Work

Our last trip in Vancouver, was spent in Lynn Valley, making our way through the "canyon" and over the suspension bridge. Such a beautiful wooded area... while walking through, you feel like you're stepping through "Middle Earth" (for those of you Lord of the Rings fans). It's a great picnic take in all of God's beautiful work... and for us, it was a great way to spend a last day with our extended family/great friends.

You know it, of course little one had to "hang" from the rope that helps "anchor" the bridge...

It's amazing how different a flower (such as this sweet pea) can look...

all of it's different angles...

or how small you can feel, looking up a tree...

God, you are one amazing Creator- you painted everything SO beautifully.
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  1. Beautiful! Great job, as always, Karen. Love that you got to do so many fun things with family and friends and create all those memories for Charlie.

    Also, love your Chacos! I rave about mine to anyone who will listen... but I have yet to see a paycheck from the company!

  2. These pictures are beautiful! I just kept thinking how amazing Gods creations are.