Monday, July 23, 2012

Hot and Bothered

Sometimes she's not all peaches and cream... and even though yesterday's post (from our bike ride) was filled with smiles, giggles, and determination... this is actually how our "out for a spin" actually ended. Frustrated, hot and bothered...

I don't usually photograph these moments... some people think that these moments with her NEVER exist and that she's all sunshine and loveliness. But these... yes, I HAD to capture these... it's the perfect blackmail... and as much as I love her smiles, these faces totally make me laugh.

When I asked her "what the matter was?"... she replied with, "Are you hungry?" She's been answering my questions with questions lately... so I then asked, "Should we go home and eat?"...and before I was even done with the question, she was shaking her head, "Yes!"

nothing too traumatic... that a little PB sandwich and yummy smoothie couldn't cure.

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  1. if only i looked that cute whilst pouting ;) pb fixes everything!

  2. Poor sweet pea...tell her this pregnant momma understands her face. It is hot hot hot out here momma, let's go cool off and have a bite!! JoRie