Monday, July 16, 2012

Keeping My Focus

Oh my "to do" list continues to grow... and every time I check something off... I feel like I add 5 more things. On top of it all, gotta keep up with my laundry, dishes, general cleaning of the house, and I'm booking photography clients (even though the weather hasn't been cooperating- which means those sessions are getting "backed up")... When I'm preparing to move (yes, we still have 6 months out), that's usually when I seem the most stressed. I try and get our house in complete order, so it makes packing out seamless...and moving "in", when the time comes, seamless, hence why the "to do" list is growing like crazy. Last night, while laying in bed, just thinking up more things that needed to be added to list, I was reminded of some advice that a dear friend shared with me when I was being stressed out once before... Take one thing at a time and FOCUS on the important things... all the other extra things, are just that... extra.

That one thing I really need to focus on, is this little face...

One day those little curls won't be there anymore... she'll have "big girl" hair, and we all know, that is NOT the same as sweet little girl curls... or one day all the things that make her laugh now... won't make her laugh anymore (like mommy pretending to fall over a rock-just to get her to smile for the camera)... and those sweet little eyes, one day they'll be rolling back in her head, because she just wants me to be quiet. All these little things... they won't be there one day... but that "to-do" list, it'll always be there waiting for me. Keeping my focus on what's important, is going to be on the top of that list though... and it's never going to get "scratched"/crossed out.
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  1. Yay for those people who hold a permanent place on the "to do" list :)

  2. She is such a cutie!! I love her outfit + the curl in her hair!!

  3. beautiful pictures (and girl) and words!