Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Life of Hospital Visits

Oh the life of hospital visits...

Over the last year... Charlotte and I have grown super "tight" with MANY doctors here in Korea... I suppose at times, I'd almost consider them my family. You know your little one has had a lot of "care", when you walk around on base, and doctors/nurses that have had interactions with Charlotte, wave and make it a point to say , "hello". Living overseas, there's a lot of care that often needs to be referred out to the Korean hospitals, because our clinic on base can't support those appointments. We've seen the insides of 3 different prestigious Korea hospitals, and have had over 6 appointments in those, on top of all of the little ones that we've had on our base, and nearby Army posts... not to mention, experienced an Air MedEvac appointment/surgery in Hawaii for her eyes.

This little girl is a fighter... I haven't shared "her story" on the blog, as it is her story to hear (when she's old enough) and to share with whomever, if she pleases... but I can tell you that she is one of the bravest that I know... Yesterday's repeat MRI was no doubt just another testimony to what I have already stated... the one Korean nurse who was administering Charlotte's IV line (while she was awake...they always wait until she's sedated...but this time, they did it while she was bright eyed and knew what was happening!)... stated, "Oh my, she must have many appointments?"... pointing out Charlotte's scar on her hand from where the IV is always injected. They always seem to go for the same vein... God blessed our little girl with an amazing vein in her right hand to endure all the pokes... and I am so grateful for that. I don't think I ever imagined thanking God for "good veins"... but yesterday I did.

After minimal... yes minimal tears (I told you, she's a rock star) from the poke, and after ingesting a disgusting flavored sedation liquid (the Korean girl next to Charlotte threw it up, and my little one swallowed it like a champ)... all the little one kept stating OVER and OVER was, "Oh, look at my beautiful bandaid"... as she showed all the doctors/nurses and Korean folk her IV line. 50 minutes later (and one more round of liquid sedation) the little one was asleep (she fought the effects of that liquid as long as she could...)

and then, when the waiting began... I pulled out all the wonderful things I brought along to keep my mind occupied. That part of the process... it's super crucial... here are a few things that help keep me occupied. My VERY first appointment, I was no where near prepared... and after 6 hours of COMPLETE and UTTER boredom, I knew this needed to be rectified for future appointments. This is only a picture of what this Mama needs in order to survive a long doctor's visit... I probably should write one up on what to pack for your little one...

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  1. Oh gosh she is SOO brave! Makes me feel silly for getting all worked up over a silly shot or something. What a truly amazing little girl you've got there!

  2. We have been down a oad like this ourselves. It is amazing to see your child so brave and confident when you are all worried. Ah, the innocence! Such a strong little girl ;)

  3. oh my. just started reading through your blog a bit more [and added you to my reader]. your daughter is stinkin adorable! we've endured a few too many hospital visits with our little lady also. i can't imagine being so far from family & doing it...praying you have good support there.