Friday, July 20, 2012

Little Artist

The rain has been spotty the last few days... the weatherman says it's supposed to be "thunderstorms" and NOTHING happens... and when we're supposed to have a "clear day", it THUNDERSTORMS. This is what we call monsoon season... and I'm SO ready to be done with it (even though I think it JUST started). In any case, I've been trying to prepare for the time that will be spent home, when the rain does hit... and I've pulled out Crayola's window crayons. Oh boy, were they a BIG hit. They'll be making an appearance EVERY rainy day... heck... maybe we'll just keep them out regularly.

And then the "gallery" was open for all to come and delight in Charlotte's beautiful artwork... she had an admirer...

Not sure what I love more, the piece of art on the window...

or the sweet little trail left behind by the artist...

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  1. You are absolutely amazing! (and WHERE were these crayons when our kids were growing up?!?!?!)

    Love the FREEDOM you have given Char to discover, find out about the world around her, and just have fun along the way. What a great mom! I mean it.

    On top of all that, you manage to capture this scene in ways that can be shared with loved ones around the world. There just aren't words for how thankful we are for your willingness to share. We don't have your company (which is best) but we DO HAVE a piece of your creativity, shared, treasured . . . what great perspective you bring to your craft! We LOVE THIS!!!!!

  2. So sweet - and love those crayons. I especially love your daughter's headband / tiara combo. I see a fashin trend starting.

  3. fun!! I've seen the markers but not the crayons! I definitely need some of these in my rainy day arsenal!