Thursday, July 05, 2012

Mountain For Me...

While in Vancouver... do as the Vancouverites do when you're given good weather (it seems to rain a decent amount)... go out and climb a mountain! We made our way over to Grouse Mountain, but I didn't "climb" it.. actually Charlotte and I (and the rest of the "non-adventure" gang) made our way to the top via the "sky-ride". The other, more adventuresome folk (my husband was part of this pack), made their way through a climb...The Grouse Grind. Over 2.8 kilometres (1.8 miles) in length... this hike climbs over 2,830 stairs- elevation gain: 853 metres (2,800 feet). It's a crazy hike, but someone had to do it...and my hubs was that person... once up top, we enjoyed the beautiful sights, a HYSTERICAL lumber jack show, and even met a little chipmunk.

and any mountain that has a coffee shop at the base... is a mountain for me...

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