Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Perfect Outing.

I'm fairly certain, heading to Grandville Island's Public Market... was my FAVORITE thing to do in Vancouver (other than visits with the Canadian family, of course). I'm not sure what it is... but there's something about reaching a place via a ferry, having open markets filled with amazing fruits and vegetables and handmade goodies, the sea air wafting in your nose along with the freshly brewed coffee stands, that sits so wonderfully on my heart. Add in some entrepreneurs- an amazing French singer, a crazy juggler, and a sweet sounding violinist... and some delicious sweet treats to pick from (take note, we MADE our child eat some cheesecake...all she wanted was an orange...what's up with that?)... and you have the perfect outing.

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  1. I love Granville Island! So many wonderful memories there! Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I love Vancouver, but I've never been to Granville. I grew up in Seattle, but I didn't discover how fun and magical Vancouver was until I was in my twenties. Such a fun place. I will have to check out the island next time I go.

  3. I love all your pictures all the time.