Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ready to Listen.

Yesterday was the toughest grocery run I've ever done... I only needed a basketful of items and so you'd think it would be a quick run in, and a quick run out, and super easy. Instead of taking on the aisles with a huge grocery cart... I was only carrying around my little Reisenthal basket. I carry around my basket because it helps me stick to my list... I only have room for about a max of 15 items in there, and the more I stick in, the heavier my basket is... It's tactical... yes it sure is... if I'm only going for a quick run, I don't push the cart around! If I did, I would end up with WAY more than I originally went to the grocery store for. Does that happen to others?

So with basket in hand... I made my way into the grocery store. Boom... right there, chips were on sale for .75 cents a bag... yup, bbq ruffle Lays... and there was this part of me, that was like, "Oh, those would taste yummy right about now..."... but I walked away. I made my way through a few aisles... until I saw the candy section (it's hard to "avoid" this aisle, because it's the same aisle that the oatmeal is in)'s on the opposite side of the cereal area... and there I spotted that dreaded bag of Giaradelli's Milk Chocolate and Carmel. Oh how my tummy SO wanted me to pick up that bag... I literally walked back and forth and passed it at least 4x, before I decided to stay strong. People that were in the aisle, MUST have thought I was a freak... I'm fairly certain Charlotte was confused on why we kept "going back" and forth between the chocolates and cereals... but I passed them up, and I can't believe it.

It was such a STRONG craving... all I could think about was chocolate for the rest of my trip through the store, until I checked out and made my way to the car. But before I did that, I made my way back to the produce aisle, and picked up a 1.5 lb bag of cherries... they were 8.00 total... probably the most EXPENSIVE piece of fruit I have EVER picked up... but I figured fresh fruit is better than processed sugar (oh how good does chocolate and caramel taste though?!?)... I made it out of the grocery store with no junk in my basket...

I had cherries for dessert (about 1.5 hours after dinner- did you know, that it's good to not drink anything with dinner, and not eat anything after dinner until your stomach has digested most of the meal? yup, doing either can actually mess up the acidic level in your stomach which helps break down your meal...causing your digestion to be ineffective... you can read about that here)... and it was totally worth the 8.00 (even though I only ate about 3.00 worth). One thing I've learned in this experience, is that our "cravings" can actually tell us that we're missing something in our intake...that our body is deficient in something. Check out this chart... my sister passed it along to me, and I think it's one I need to print out. Looks like I had magnesium deficiency...

Our bodies are SO spot on at telling us what we need... we just need to be ready to listen.

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  1. Its amazing...this body God made, isn't it? ~tini

  2. I often carry one of those little hand held carts so I only pick up what I REALLY need. Or I will just forgo any basket and just get what I can carry!
    Those cherries look SO good!! Congratulations on staying strong and passing up the sweets!! I know how hard that can be!! :)

  3. wow, that´s really interesting! I didn´t know that! it´s always very hard for me not to buy chocolate and cookies and stuff like this. Thumbs up for you!! :)

  4. I was totally thinking you need some Magnesium ~ glad you are enjoying your cherries and that you're eating so healthy ~ kudos to you, girl.

  5. Lovely article, Karen. I'm so pleased my tips and charts helped you out :) xTanya (