Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Recipe: Bruschetta Pita

It's tomato season... and although I wasn't around here to plant and tend to my own tomato plants... it hasn't stopped me from purchasing a BUNCH of little red yummies.

I'm hopeful that my brown thumb has turned green... that the basil will live until we move...

With all these 3 things, add in a little fresh minced garlic, and you can have yourself a "bruschetta" topping... it's super delicious! Just chop everything up finely, and stir it all up... let it sit for a few minutes before using. Hint: If you let it sit for an hour or more, the tomatoes marinade in the oil, and really become flavorful.

You can do so much with a bruschetta topping... you can mix it with freshly made pasta, and create a pasta salad, you can chop up some fresh mozzarella and mix it all together into a salad and eat it "as is"... or you can do as I've done, put it on top of bread, like a traditional bruschetta.

For those "clean" eating, such as myself... you're getting away from the white flour (those are empty carbs... useless to eat)... so as yummy as it tastes to put this topping on a baguette, I opted for a whole grain wheat pita.

You first want to brush a little bit of the olive oil/juice that the tomatoes are "sitting" in, on top of the pita bread- gives the bread some moisture, so it doesn't get too crispy in the oven. I then cut a few pieces of fresh mozzarella, laid them on top of the pita, and baked the pita in the oven until the cheese was a little melted. Once out of the oven, I scooped a couple of tablespoons of the topping on top of the bread, and there you have it... a bruschetta pita.

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  1. I got a ton of little baby tomatoes from a friend, and we've been working at them, but this totally looks like the way to go!!! I knew I needed to try to use up my plethora of fresh basil!!! Thanks for this easy recipe!

  2. YUM! looks great friend! Im trying the clean eating myself.