Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Riding... In Style.

As promised on this post, I have two small ways in which you can "spice" up your sweet little ride... maybe more so your little one's sweet little ride. Although, the premise behind this first DIY, can be used for many different things.

Charlotte has always loved Sesame Street from the very beginning of our journey... and one of her favorite episodes is "Abby's Bicycle"... so it's no surprise that she was so excited when she FINALLY figured out how to pedal and ride... If we had flat land all around us, I'm fairly certain she'd go go go until she couldn't anymore. Every time I take her on a riding adventure, the little one gets better and better... just like with ANYTHING (her English, her swimming, her coloring, etc.) she's determined to do it well. But, she also wants to do it, in style...

Abby (flying fairy from Sesame Street)'s bicycle, had a basket (in the front) and Charlotte's lacked that... so we had to remedy that. Using things that I had on hand, without having to go out and purchase things... I came up with a simple solution.

so many different vessels will work- old ziploc lock and seal containers, plastic fruit quart containers, pretty much anything that's the shape that you want your basket to be. I ended up matching our spinach container with her tricycle (for size) and it was an instant match. It's a little big and bulky, but it just means she'll get to "hold" more in it. And that is not a problem for my little one. If you want to stick with something smaller, then I'd go for a pint sized fruit container... that would work perfectly too.

start painting Mod Podge ALL over your vessel. I started on the inside, and worked my way outside (after the inside dried), but I suppose if you wanted to, you could totally go the reverse route.

start sticking all your fabric scraps ALL over the place... like a mosaic, layering a bit of each piece on top of one another... until the whole vessel is covered. Once dried, cover the vessel with one more protective layer of Mod Podge, and let dry.

The next step/last step is to punch some holes into your basket, so that you can string your basket with something durable (some sort of twine/rope is super thick). For those that might not have a little one, don't use this as a bike basket... there are SO many things you can use this for: holder for all those loose items on your desk... utensils/napkin holder for outside get-togethers... oh the possibilities are endless, and they look super cute when they're finished.

attach it to your ride, and let them "go"...

Charlotte wanted to pick some flowers for it...

I think my favorite part is how one of a kind it is... NO ONE will have the same basket as her... and she helped create it.

Come back tomorrow... I have another easy little way to decorate your little ones ride...
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  1. Adorable--the basket & Charlotte! I also LOVE her pink rain boots & tutu outfit. :)

  2. ohmygoodness!! This is SO stinkin' cute!! I love all the colors in the fabric!! She is so cute and I love the flowers she picked!! xo

  3. Cute! I love the second to last photo.

  4. I have been following your blog for awhile and I always love your ideas! This one especially because it requires no trips to the craft store! I'm adding it to my pile of crafts to do. Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks!