Friday, July 06, 2012

Sit Down For A Cup...

Happy Friday everyone... another week gone... and this week, i decided to do a quick little re-cap, by linking up with Alissa over at Rags to Stitches. You see, every Friday is "Coffee Date"... and this week I'm joining in on the fun... especially since you all know about my love for coffee... right? So go grab a cup...and lets pretend to have some coffee together...

If we were having coffee together... I'd share with you that this (my afternoon cup of coffee) is my FAVORITE cup of coffee these days... yup, it is. I usually LOVE the first one, because... well, it's the first for the day. But these days, with jet lag, it's the afternoon cup that tastes the best on my lips...

we made it back to Korea safe and sound... and have started to get into the "rhythm" of things... a rhythm that has taken quite some tweaking... Monsoon season has started, and the rain keeps on coming down (day after day.. hour after hour... minute after minute...) which makes jet lag even worse... but again, I rely on that afternoon cup, to get me through the day...

I'm fairly certain that coffee tastes even better in a cute cup... yup, it does... I'm proving it on this little coffee date...

oh, and it's even better when the little one is asleep... She's been passing out for naps at JUST the right time in the afternoon. Right when the coffee machine is on for round 2... and dripping that yummy afternoon cup.

but back to our date...

If we were on a coffee date, I'd share with you how even though I'm "home" here in Korea... I'm feeling homesick, like something fierce. The last 2 months in the US, surrounded by family, has been 2 of my most favorite months in my entire life. Perhaps... this is the low, after such a high? I think the hardest part, is coming back to Korea, realizing we still have another 6 months until we're able to be back on US soil again... for good (or at least for a little while). So many of our friends have come and gone (or are about to-since it's the end of the moving season), and I SO have the itch to pack up all of our stuff and move along. That doesn't mean I won't miss the friends I still have here in Korea... of course, that's a no given... but I just have the itch... I long to finally have a house that is ours to create a home in, to wheel Charlotte around to garage sales/flea markets in an ATW Radio Flyer wagon, to frequent farmer markets and Whole Foods stores, to be able to jump on a plane and fly to family in a few hours (rather than it taking almost a full day to get to them), etc. The list can go on and on...

But, I have 6 months left here in Korea... and I will make the most of it. It hit me today, that I teach my little one not to whine and complain, but to "Do all things without complaining..." and here I've been whining and complaining. Yes, I'm not throwing a tantrum- physically, or "huffing and puffing", but in my mind I certainly am... which means my heart isn't where it should be. I often have to think, "Karen... check your heart." God is good though, my friends, and He reminds me all the time (especially recently) that every day is a new day.

If we were on a coffee date, I'd share with you, that I'd be drinking my coffee without sugar... yup, this girl is on a no processed/refined sugar kick, and I'm sticking to it (for the most part)... also, all of our meals have been more on the "clean eating" side. Trying to get rid of all things processed, and produce all things from scratch. Honey is pretty much my new best friend- I use it as my "go to" sweetener. It would be nice to be near a Whole Foods or organic store, but alas, I make do with what I have. The hubby doesn't seem to mind the meals... so everything I've been cooking must not taste too bad. I have some fun smoothie recipes to share with you soon as well as some "clean eating" meals.

Okay, I'm pretty sure I've just "talked" your ear off... so now it's your turn. I'm going to take a sip of my coffee, and I want you to update me on what's been happening in your life? The good, the bad, and the ugly...
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  1. I totally have the itch to move back to the States also, but we have 9-ish months left in Italy. For our first 5 years together we moved 5 times, and now that we've been here 2 years, I'm about dying to move again! And the other day my 3 year old told me she really missed grandma and grandpa and wanted to go see them because she loved them a lot... It about broke my heart. I'm ready to be much closer to family again also. I'm sure your 6 months will just fly by!!

  2. Karen!! My heart aches for the time that we were together. I'm hoping to print off some pictures soon of our time together as a daily reminder of the added blessing it was to my life...but yes, the transition has been rough for me too. I love you so much and this time apart will only make our time together SOON that much sweeter!! :)

  3. *hugs* I did sit down here and have a piece of vanilla cake with strawberry cream cheese icing and really fresh organic strawberries in between the layers... it's not sugar free (though I'm sure I could have figured out how to make it with honey or maple syrup ~ I've had quite a bit of practice w/that if you ever have any questions) but it was yummy... and instead of coffee I had a tall glass of milk (I don't drink much coffee but if I wasn't pregnant I would have a cup with you but it would definitely have to have some cream and honey in it)...

    I was trying to remember the last time I had either homesickness or coffee... I couldn't remember it... I had some mocha ice cream recently that was yum... but I realized that God hasn't taken me far from home for a while and certainly not for a long period of time in a great while... I do remember aching for the mountains of Utah when we moved here... I missed the back drop (they surrounded us there in the Salt Lake Valley). And there have been times when I felt homesick for heaven... when it felt too hard to be here on earth and deal with reality for one reason or a hundred.

    Your frank openness is refreshing, Karen. It makes me think and calls me to "check my heart" as well. I'm looking forward to the changes that are coming in our lives any moment now (when this second babe decides to make his/her appearance). I can't say there's no trepidation but I know God will supply all our needs as He has and He is so faithful to do so. Listening to Brandon Heath this morning... it's great way to start the day. Thanks for the chat ;) ~ CB in PC

  4. We've been giving up refined sugars as well! I just about have a love affair with raw honey now - it is SO good. Is it wrong to just dip the spoon in and eat just eat raw honey? Please say no.
    And yesterday was a big day - I drove past the snow cone stand without stopping - and since it's hot as blazes in Texas, I'm pretty pleased with that.

    I'm new here - hopping by over from Rags to Stitches. I really enjoyed your post and I'm looking forward to getting to know you!

  5. This was a much needed post~ I've been battling serious home sickness the past few months! With no end in sight, it is a battle to be content at times. Thank you for the gentle reminder! PS If you have not discovered yet - check it out. They will ship to APO and have most of what a whole foods store would have minus the fresh fruits/veggies. Raw honey, organic brands, sunbutter, whole food supplements, you name it. Enjoy!

  6. I always felt so homesick for America when we were in Germany. Germany is a pretty cool place but never "home."

  7. BEAUTIFUL post (as always!), Karen. I love you heart, your family, and you attitude about life! Can't wait for you to join us in the US oh so soon! :) xo

  8. It is so refreshing when people really open up about their feelings on their blog! I've been following your story for awhile, being directed over here from Hello Hue and the lovely Lindsay.

    I'm so glad that you and your hubby are reunited and that you got to spend two wonderful months in the States with friends and family. I'm sure the joy you felt every day was indescribable.

    I know what it feels like to be homesick and I truly hope that these next 6 months fly by! I've been having some complaining issues myself and I really have to remind myself to trust in God and just have faith. Easier said than done!

  9. Praying for your transition back to "real life" which is made more challenging because you know it is for just awhile. So thankful for your sharing.

  10. This is such a beautiful post. I grew up overseas for most of my life and I remember how hard it always was to transition from summers in the US to the school years overseas. I never felt like I ever really fit in anywhere, and even though I have amazing friends I still sometimes, somedays remember that feeling as though it was yesterday. Praying for you friend as you re-adjust back to life in Korea. Bless you! Thank you for letting me have coffee with you today.

  11. I so wish I could sit down and have a real cup of coffee with you. What you said about teaching Charlotte to do all things without complaining, but finding yourself doing exactly that...yep, that's me. In a lot of areas, actually. I find myself teaching my children to be kind and loving to each other, not to complain, not to fuss or fight or argue, and then I do it myself. I finally framed Phillipians 2: 14 & 15 and put it on my dresser so that I see it A LOT. Mama needs a reminder too.
    How is the no sugar going? I cut all sugar out of my diet back in January. I thought it would be hard, but it really wasn't. I have had headaches all my life and I was hoping it would eliminate those. It didn't, but I'm used to it now, so there's no going back! :) I honestly love being sugar free. I just feel better overall (even though I still get headaches).
    oh, also, that first picture of you is beautiful!

  12. Charlotte is so beautiful.
    I can't imagine how it must be stationed oversees. There are so many seasons we go through, and I hope this one can be sweet for you until you are able to be back home.
    I am going without sugar for the next 2 weeks. :P I do not like my coffee without it. AT. ALL.
    Yes I raised my voice.
    I'll deal with liquid stevia for now. I try to maintain a low sugar lifestyle, but it's hard, especially when you go visit people like Alison (see above :) and we eat milkshakes and thin mints. Ha.

  13. I am drinking water on our coffee date as I'm on a diet to get back to my korean weight. All this german cake and brotchen is not doing me good although it's delicious. But i've also found some fabulously healthy and quick recipes recently. my favourite is my vegetable soup. For the first time in 3 years I feel settled somewhere and I'm learning to keep house. It's amazing how much you'll do to look after a place when you actually feel some ownership of it. Miss you friend. I'm looking forward to a summer of visits from friends old and new british and american and my dear parents. love your blog its always nice to sit down after work and catch up on you and your family. I havent blogged in ages I am so bad.