Tuesday, July 03, 2012

"Taking On" Downtown

One of our first days in Vancouver... we decided to "take on" a bike ride downtown around the seawall... near/in Stanley Park. They called for rain... but it held off, just for us... or so I'd like to think.

and oh the views we saw... waterfront, with city in the background... imagine me trying to take pictures while biking... yeah... it was probably extremely humorous for all of the locals there on their daily walk... I was definitely a sight for them. Remember the movie "Yes Man", and how Zooey Deschanel led a "jogging/running while taking photos" club? Yeah... put them on a set of wheels and you have what I was up to... I looked ridiculous... but I couldn't stop biking, and the scenery NEEDED to be captured!

While riding along the seawall, you can check out the lighthouse, see tons of views of downtown Vancouver, and even grab a great shot of the "Lions Gate Bridge"... you know the famous film production? ...I'm fairly certain this is where they grabbed their inspiration (wink wink).

While passing through Stanley Park, be sure to check out the amazing totem poles...

and the neighborhood raccoon of course... he's super friendly... or not.

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  1. I'm really impressed with the pictures you took while riding! The ones of the boats are awesome.