Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Arm Candy

A month ago I signed up for an Arm Party Swap hosted by the sweet Ilene from Much Love, Illy... and Leonora, from Yellow Heart Art... what a genius and fun idea to have a swap party just for some arm candy... aka bracelets.

I was paired up with Hailey from Lizzy and Jane's, and I had such a fun time finding and making bracelets for her. She sent me the loveliest little arm candy I ever did see...

I love earth tones (browns, golden yellows, and Robins Egg Blue)... so she totally nailed it for me.

Loved how this last one that she sent, totally matched Charlotte's new purple/pinkish boots that Grammy "D" sent over to her last week. You know I couldn't have a blog post without having the little one in it...

... she usually wants to be the star of the shoot...

Thank you so much Hailey! I just adore them... and thank YOU Ilene and Leonora for hosting such a FUN swap!

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  1. your photography is stunning!
    your little is just precious :)
    and the bracelets are beautiful too lol

  2. Love the title of your post and your little girl is adorable!! :)

  3. Love yours and she is just too cute for words, xoxo

  4. i esp love the one with blue beads! and your photo shoots with charlotte are always darling. :)thank YOU for joining our party, friend!

  5. these pictures are soo beautiful!!! love the bracelets!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  6. The bracelets are fabulous and your little girl is just too precious. I have a special place in my heart for the little ones who wear glasses as my oldest has worn glasses since he was 3 and has such bad eye sight. Your blog is beautiful, too. Inspires me to change mine :)

  7. oooh such pretty pieces! i love your outfit, too. :-)

  8. Beautiful pictures! Quite a lovely collection of bracelets there. So simple and easy to wear.

  9. I love your dainty bracelets! :)

  10. Beautiful pictures and love dainty bracelets!