Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Blueberry Yummies { Recipe }

With the heat in full force over here in Korea, we have been DYING for all things cold... and on that list, is ice cream. There's nothing like a cone filled with sugared deliciousness to cool you off on a hot day... UNTIL you made the choice to not indulge in sugared deliciousness...

I decided to create my own "take" on ice cream, but with a healthy twist. I've seen yogurt bars at the grocery store, but they are FILLED with preservatives... so I decided to create my own little bite sized yummies.

All you need is your "fruit of choice", some Greek yogurt (I had vanilla flavored Greek yogurt), toothpicks, and some wax paper.

Someone LOVES blueberries in this house, so we went with blueberries our choice fruit this time... but strawberries or any berry would be delicious. Even peaches or mango would be scrumptious as well.

The only thing you do, is poke a berry (or whatever fruit you're using), and DUNK (not a quick dip) it into the yogurt, and flick it onto the paper covered tray. The reason I used Greek Yogurt, is it's healthier than just ANY yogurt... with no sugar added. But also, because it's thicker. It makes for covering the fruit, a whole lot easier.

Place your tray into the freezer for a few minutes, and let your helper lick the rest of the yogurt out of the bowl... (makes for easy cleaning).

After frozen, transfer the little bit sized yummies to a container. Take out desired snack amount as you would like, and keep the rest in the freezer. These should last up to 1 week or so in there, but in our house, they only lasted 2 days... our tummies ate them up TOO quickly!

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  1. Those look SO good! Bet my daughters would love them. :)

  2. Oh! This looks good and healthy!! I think I'm going to have to give it a try!! Thanks!!

  3. Oh I'm totally going to have to try this out this week! We're big blueberry and yogurt lovers here! :D