Monday, August 06, 2012

Just Like...

Adoption is a sweet sweet thing, and you've heard {read} what I've shared on that subject here on the blog before. Adopting Charlotte was a crazy journey... and parenting (any child-biological or adoptive) continues to be the same... one.crazy.journey. You walk around, and you see others with their children... and often times, those kids totally stick out as being theirs... You know, they resemble them in some way? They have their Mama's nose or their Daddy's eyes.... Grandma's curly hair... or their Aunt's long fingers. Distinct physical traits, that make them a ___ (insert family last name).

When it comes to our little one, it's amazing how she "fits" perfectly into our family. Yes, she might not have Daddy's chin, or Mama's cheek bones... but she has been gradually...slowly... becoming a Davis. You know how they say, your pet looks like you... or you look like your pet? That's sort of it... not to mention all those little itty bitty mannerisms that she picks up. Like when Charlotte lifts her hands up, and states, "Really?!?"... yup, that just might be... Me.

We've been working really hard this summer at getting the little one to love the water, and to learn how to swim on her own... and we're getting there. She's made some huge strides. HUGE. My sweet husband grew up swimming... all through his youth into his college days, so it's a BIG part of him. A part of him that he has wished to share with Charlotte... that love for the water. She knows he swims, because every time we head to the water park as a family, he heads over to the lane to get his "laps" in before he joins us for family fun time in the water. And he's usually the one to "push" her a little more in the water... in hopes that it'll "click" with her faster.

Last Friday I took on that role, the one that makes her try really hard... She's gotten so great at swimming in a kiddie pool shallow water, and has started going "underneath" the water, that I figured it was time we really started in the big pool. I grabbed a life vest, put it on her, and then jumped into the pool... She loved that I went underneath the water, and came back up. I told her it was safe, and that I would never let anything happen to her...and then she did it. She jumped right in... and came right back up (thanks to that life vest). She didn't even look for my arm to grab a hold onto... she just started kicking, and doggie paddling with arms. The life vest, was her security, but she wouldn't even have tried, if it wasn't on her. Little strides... they turn into big strides. Give her a couple weeks in the life vest, and she'll be kicking and paddling on her own in no time.

The best part was showing Daddy all that she could do, when we went to the water park this weekend for some family time...

While swimming in the water... she now says, "I'm swimming all by myself... JUST LIKE DADDY"... she doesn't have to have his nose, or his ears, or even his tall height... nope... not when she has a love for the water like he does.
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  1. This was a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing!

  2. INCREDIBLE!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing. This is one of those special times we would not have wanted to miss -- and you TOOK us along for the "ride." We are in love with the littlest "fish" in the family (and the not so little fish, too!).

  3. What a wonderful post to start my Tuesday! All of the pictures are beyond adorable!

  4. Wonderful! The pics of you and her together in the water are adorable.

  5. Love this! Trying to do the same with my daughter. She's only 6 months old & has been swimming 3 times. Hoping she turns out to be a fish like her momma.