Sunday, August 05, 2012

Magic Wands { DIY }

My little one has been "into" the magical land of "imagination" lately...oh the things she thinks up, or acts (after watching a movie/show). One of her favorite characters from Sesame Street, is Abby the flying fairy, so it was a no brainer that I needed to try and attempt to make her, her VERY OWN magical wand. We picked up a couple while in the states, but they've been left here and there, or it was time for this Mama to get crafting.

Cake pop sticks, are PERFECT for magic wands... especially since this girl won't be making/eating any cake pops any time soon... thanks to my "no sugar" kick.

Just wrap a bunch of washi tape around the cake pop stick... I suppose, you could leave it plain white, or paint it... but to me, there's no better way to decorate something, than to add a little decorative tape!

Create a pom pom... there are SO many different ways that you can do it. I chose to you my hand (method), because I had thicker yarn, and I wanted them to be crazy poofy... but, if I was using thinner yarn, I probably wouldn't have tried this way.

Gather some extra ribbon that you might want to add on to the final wand.

Use a little hot glue, and connect your free standing pom pom onto the stick... I made sure to add the glue right to one of the knots from where I finished/tied up the pom pom.

Tie some extra ribbons onto the stick... and PRESTO (do you like my magician lingo?) you have yourself a magic wand.

It's a great little extra to make a birthday gift, "Pop"!
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  1. I love this idea! I am going to use it in my preschool!

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