Tuesday, August 14, 2012

oh what a doozy...

Oh today was a doozy of a day... it was a rainy/overcast... dark as night kind of morning/afternoon... and all the little one wanted to do all day, was lay on the couch. This is NOT normal for Charlotte... nope... no fever... nothing seemed to bother her from what I could tell... she had absolutely no energy to play, and no desire to do anything.

all she was up for, was cuddling with mommy... I'll take it.

and cuddling turned into tickling... did you know that toes make the BEST ticklers EVER!

I thought we had tickled out our morning grumbly bugs... so I suggested we take our morning shower bath, and then the day turned into this:

Just a few short minutes after I took this video... I found her like this:

Can we say, "High Estrogen Day?"...
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  1. I know she was crying, but I couldn't stop laughing.. Poooor Charlotte! We all have our high estrogen days! :)

  2. Oh my WORD, how precious is that?! Poor char...we all have days like that, babe!

  3. Some days we just need a good cry and a nippy nap.


  4. Poor Charlotte! We all have those days :/