Thursday, August 30, 2012

Whirlwind Trip: Day 2

On Wednesday we spent the morning at the hospital for Charlotte's post surgery Opthamology appointment. It went just as expected. Her eyes were definitely better then before surgery, but her right eye still is a bit "silly" (that's what we call it- it still drifts out, and bounces around when she's focusing)... instead of surgery (right then and there) we decided to try a little patch therapy for the next 4 months. If we get to Oklahoma and her eye still is "silly", then we'll seek out a great doctor for surgery... but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. We're taking the "aggressive" approach- M-F for 4 hours each day, Sat and Sun for 8 hours each day... hoping for some great results- one less surgery on those sweet brown eyes would be the best case scenario in my book.

As soon as we were done with the appointment (at 9:30), we made it back to the room, changed into our swimsuits, and packed up for an outing to our favorite place for the day... the North Shore. We LOVED it so much, and enjoyed it SO much the last time we were there, that I decided it was the most important day trip to do while in Hawaii (and gave it the most of our time).

First stop on the North Shore, was for shave ice...

With the start of "patch" wearing, Charlotte has had A LOT of mishaps... within the first 45 minutes of having her eye patched, she skidded on gravel and made a huge gash on her forearm... this might have been a little more of a major mishap in her book, compared to the gash on her arm.

Or maybe not... Nothing too tragic, still had plenty to munch on...

Before we headed out of Hale'iwa, we picked up some Storto's...and then made our way to "Turtle Beach" for a picnic and some swimming.

While everyone was observing...

these guys...

The little one was doing this...

... busy drawing letters in the sand with her fingers... who needs school?

She kept telling me that "H" is for "Hawaii".... and drew them ALL over the beach... and then swam for awhile... okay a LONG while.

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  1. Love all of this so much! I have precious memories of living in Hawaii as a little girl and got to go back several years ago with my husband and show him around. We went to Aokis and Storto's too! So yummy!

  2. I hope the patch therapy does the trick! And North Shore looks beautiful. I hope to be able to make it to Hawaii someday.

  3. Makes me want to visit my sister who lives on Maui, and thankful that Isabel's patching phase didn't last long. She was only 2, and she did NOT like it!

  4. So so gorgeous! Hope the patch does the job!!

  5. Oh my...what a beautiful place. Hope the patch does it's job. She's a cute as a button!

  6. I actually gasped when I saw the pic of the sea turtles! TOO COOL! Glad you made the most of the visit and had some fun moments in between the appointments.