Thursday, September 13, 2012


Week 1 of "homeschool" complete... We hit a few hiccups along the way, so here's to hoping that next week is a little smoother. This week was all about the letter "A" and stretching her fine motor skills. The girl is caught up to where she needs to be with her gross motor skills, it's her fine motor that we're having to work with. Lets say, we failed with scissors this week, yup. But the plus side, as opened up the scissors, she said, "Oh, Look the letter 'x'!" and she definitely mastered writing out an "A". It's not perfect... but it's just right for where she needs to be.

Each lunch this week had "ants" alongside it... whether they were on top of apple slices with peanut butter, or side by side a peanut butter sandwich...

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  1. What wonderful projects! And what a doll. She is beautiful!

  2. love her sweet little toes in the picture of her kneeling :)

    beautiful pictures!

  3. I think she's doing wonderfully! Isabel also struggles with her fine motor skills. She just started kindergarten, and her handwriting is maybe just a tad worse than Charlotte's. You're doing a great job teaching her!