Sunday, September 16, 2012


I've been trying to "make the most" of our free time on the weekends as a family... which means adventures are inevitable. The weather has cooled off... and we don't have many months left here... so out and about we went. We made our way to Anseung... to the Farmlands, and we had a blast. If you haven't been yet (those that live in Korea), it's a MUST. The petting zoo is super fun- the sheep run wild, and the cows have quite the personality! There is tons of grass for little ones to run wild in... or at least ours did. But, according to Charlotte, the best part of the day, was biking. Go figure.

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  1. I remember taking Jason to the Bloom Fair for the first time. As a young lad, watching the sheep, he noticed one relieving itself and remarked, "Hey, Dad. Look at the grapes coming out of the back of that sheep!" He said it so loud everyone in the barn heard and we all got a chuckle out that. Now, it's your turn to take children to pet the sheep!! I just love those purple boots!!

  2. I love how all the parks don't seem busy and you have them to yourselves! And so clean! Our parks over here could take few lessons... Also, methinks your husband should have the camera more, so there can be cute pictures of you, too!