Wednesday, September 05, 2012

HARD work

A little bribery goes a long way in this household. I told the little one (as we drove at 7:45 this morning... let the record state that I woke HER up to go to this appointment, 5 minutes before we had to leave!) on our way to the dentist office this morning... that if she was SUPER for the dentist, that we would get to have a fun snack today... The little one was nothing but stellar for the new peds dentist, and he was delighted that she walked in all happy and ready to "get things done". One of her silver caps fell off a few months back, and she's had some sensitivity on that one tooth lately... so he decided to coat the tooth, rather than cap it. He whipped out his "paint brush" and painted "Dora" all over her tooth. Yes, there was a bit of complaining... keep your mouth open with your tongue peeled back, isn't fun for 15 minutes... but, in the end, she did fairly well. Which called for a yummy treat doing something she loves to do- take an afternoon walk.

Right down the hill from where we live, is the wonderful GoodMart...

we scoured the aisles for a yummy treat... she totally wasn't interested in the rice cake aisle...

and of course, once she spotted the ice cream, it was an easy decision... oreo milkshake for me (yes, this girl cheated on the sugar diet today... holding your daughter down for 15 minutes to get her teeth worked on, is HARD work.) and a chocolate cone for the little one...

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  1. AW! How cute is she!?