Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Her Excitement

We took a little walk today, and played "I Spy"... more like, "Hey Charlotte, do you see the red peppers?", "Hey Charlotte, can you find the butterfly?" ... it was fun.

Her comments were more like, "Hey Mommy, do you see this wall? "

or "Hey Mommy... look at how tall I am..." (trying to compare herself to the barley plants)...

and they we took a little break for the little one to enjoy a chocolatey snack... She calls them chocolate drumsticks...

This is her, "What do you mean I can't eat the entire thing?" face.

Everyday she looks forward to our walk/adventure... and every time we find something new. We couldn't believe how many butterflies we spotted today, or that the dragonfly was friendly enough to take a seat on my finger. Charlotte has decided to rename them: butterdragons. Your guess is as good as mine... I just enjoy seeing her light up every time we head out... Best thing about our walks, hands down... her excitement.
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