Tuesday, September 04, 2012


With the hubby being off from work for Labor Day, it was an easy decision to head to Everland for the day. The last time we went, was before Charlotte's eye surgery in October of last year... and what a change it was for her to see Everland through her new eyes. Not to mention, she's recently been introduced to the wonderful world of "Disney"... so this girl was going crazy thinking she was headed to the princess palace!

She, unfortunately, was just a few cm too small for most of the rides (a lot of them you have to be 100cm, and she's at 97cm) but we still managed to get on all the ones we could get on... and have fun with the water fountains, safari and everything else this magical place has to offer.

it's way more fun, when you put your arms in the air...

Waiting in line, isn't so bad when there are railings to climb...

Without even knowing (we don't look at the maps for things, or times for shows or anything... we're pretty "fly at the seat of our pants" kind of people...) we were in the right place at the right time, to see the start of the huge Carnival Parade.

and then Charlotte asked if we could go find the "music"... so we darted across the park to find

How can you pass up a 4.00 pony ride? Especially when she's never been on one!

and last but not least, we had to documents Charlotte's first roller coaster. Oh she might have been pretty freaked out, and then wanted to ride it over and over again.

and after that excitement... we were ready to head home... and slept SUPER well, all the way until 7:30... that's been a record in this house lately.
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  1. That picture of Charlotte in the looking glass...WOW...absolutely beautiful. Looks like you all had a lot of fun! I wonder if they would let toddlers ride the pony! Hmm....

  2. I, too, love the picture of her looking in the mirror. That's perfect. And I want to know how you edit your photos. I need to learn how to do that.

  3. everland?! that sounds like SO much fun! was it one of those asian disney-rip-off parks? miss you guys so much :) and it totally looks like jason is going to eat that bird.

  4. So cute! It looks a TON like Disney! Way less crowded and overpriced, I suspect!

  5. Your photos are SO gorgeous! What's in your camera bag? I'd love to know your lens recommendations!