Friday, September 21, 2012

My "Freshly Brewed" Addiction

It is NO surprise that when I found out the topic for this month (with my MSP Blog Circle Group) was "addiction"... I immediately smelled a freshly brewed cup of coffee in my nose/mind. I'm pretty certain all of you already know that... but it's one of my addictions, that helps me get through the day, so that I can enjoy my other addictions (photography, sewing, and my little one). That first sip in the morning, is the absolute best. The only thing better, might be the first sip I take in the afternoon, when I need my "kick" to get through the REST of the day. True story- I blame my addiction on my grandma growing up. I never liked the "taste" of milk, and so she used to put a few spoons of coffee in my milk to mask the taste- yes, this started at about age 5, maybe earlier- my memory can't completely recall... I just remember having "coffee milk" in the morning everyday... 

Hopefully, my addiction doesn't rub off on my little one... or maybe later on in life, it would be okay.. I'd love to just sit and chat with her over coffee sometime...

Now's the fun part... go check out the next photographer in our circle to see what her addiction is... Jessica is a fantastic photographer, based out of Germany... oh how I miss Germany SO much, and their delicious "Kaffee Milch"... go over and say "guten tag", should be FUN!
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  1. Everyone should be addicted to coffee. :)

  2. I think that sweet girl would be a perfect coffee mate.

  3. mmmm :) gorgeous pictures. You need to update your camera bag section- I'm dying to see what your top go-to lens is!

  4. Oh yes. Coffee is my favorite thing to be addicted to! ;)