Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"One and Done"?

I would be lying if I told you that I believe in the idea of "one and done"... hmm, what's this in relation to? Certainly not a cup of coffee... wait, yes, I do believe in the idea... when I'm talking about my husband... so, I'm NOT completely against the idea... but for most things, I definitely need/want/desire more than one. When we first adopted Charlotte, I truly believed she was "it"... she was a lot of work in the beginning... work, that I wasn't 100% prepared for. But what mom is ever truly "prepared"? I think that ruins the surprise! Not to mention how different each and every "little being" is. On bad days, days where I wish I could creep into a hole and hide forever, I might believe in the idea of "one and done" when talking about children... but again, I think everyone has a day like that every so often... and if they say they don't, I'm fairly certain they're the liars. We're all human... and lets just clear the air, no child is perfect. Oh no, my sweet friend Anna and I always called little ones, even babies, "little sinners"... yes, they're cute, but they're little bundles of trouble.... trouble, that need to hear/learn of a love that is greater than anything in the world. To show them a love that is unconditional...

And that brings us to this crossroad... Charlotte has been asking Mommy and Daddy for a "baby brudda or sitta"... she sees other moms with babies in their bellies, and other friends that have brothers and sisters, and it's only natural for her to want a play friend. Her dollies just aren't cutting it anymore, and I don't blame her.

She loves other little babies/kids and always want to love on them like no other. She smooches other little ones, offers comfort when they're crying, tries to help out with soothing however she can (even if it means tickling when the little one doesn't want to be tickled)... she has "big sister" genes, there's no denying that. 

The hubs and I have a desire to have another... and we tell Charlotte that she needs to pray for a little one (and she does just that)... but we're asking you for your prayers as well... whether it be biologically or through adoption (again). It's not that we haven't "tried"... it just hasn't be successful, and I'm scared to go down that road again (perhaps I'll share that tid bit with you sometime on the blog)... Our desires are there, so hoping God blesses us with a little one again. After all, Charlotte needs someone to "boss" around, because disciplining her for bossing me around, is getting old! 

If she is supposed to be the one and only, then I just pray I'm content with the idea of "one and done"...
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  1. Much prayers for you! God is funny that way. I thought I was "One and Done" and got "two" and "three". We have learned to now answer the question "will there be more?" with "I don't know, but let's not rule it out!" We do feel like we are being led toward adoption for our last kid(s) though....I just don't know when!

  2. Sending prayers your way. I have 2 and my 3 year old has also been saying that she wants a little sister now. (She has a little brother already, whom she loves. Usually.) She's been asking me a lot when there is going to be another baby in my tummy and when she gets a little sister. Lucky for her we want another one eventually, but we're not going to try for another year or so. Sending baby vibes your way!

  3. Awww!! Charlotte is so cute!! I love these photos of her playing with her doll!! She would be such a fantastic big sister!! I am praying for you + your lovely family to be enlarged by two little feet!! xoxo

  4. When we went to adopt Isabel, we were hoping to come home with two girls. Obviously God knew that Isabel was going to require A LOT of one-on-one attention, so He sent us home with just her. She wasn't asking for a sister, but it was SO apparent that she needed one. And we still had that second little girl in our hearts. Hence, back to Ukraine for Adelise. Praying for you guys as you enter this next season!

  5. I'm scared to go down both roads, but I pray that God will lead me down the "right" one. And, if that means "one and done", "more than one" or "none at all" I will be ready.

    Praying that your heart's desires are answered.....

  6. I'll be praying for your family, too. Since my first pregnancy was twins I never had just one. But even then it was hard to think about only having a little one(s) once. There was an 8 year gap before our next (and youngest) arrived.

  7. I recognize that blanket! It made me tear up seeing how used and loved it has been. :-) I'll be praying for you and your family. I struggle a lot on the same topic, so you're not alone. :-)