Sunday, September 02, 2012

One Last Cup

This passed weekend, we participated in a farewell scavenger... farewells are sooo bittersweet here around here, but this was totally created to be a FUN one.. and koodos to Gail for putting together a great little hunt. Dear friends of ours, Ferial and John, have been teaching ESL here in Korea for the last 4 years! That's a lot of time in this country friend... just sayin'. I feel like they deserve a medal. We were able to be part of the scavenger hunt, and it was a NO brainer that I asked for them to find us at a coffee shop.

Our love for coffee or all things coffee shop, is a common love between us and the Trammells. We were able to share one last cup with each other in Korea, before they were handed their next clue... the next cup will have to be in the good ol' US of A.

To keep Charlotte amused, she decided that everyone needed She-ra cuffs made out of washi tape that I had stashed in my camera bag... and of course we needed to snap a couple shots with our dear friends one last time.

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  1. yay! i love how serious C looks with her wristbands :)
    and i love that you capture every moment of life so beautifully! thank you for being a part of their day :)

    1. Seriously, Gail?!! What an amazing idea!!! I love that!! I might have to borrow it sometime; we have far too many goodbyes (more happily known as "see ya laters) in the military community. Well done, friend!

  2. This is awesome! Back in the day, we just said, "hope our paths cross again!" We cried a lot, hugged a bunch, and people moved on!!!!! Never thought about a good-bye scavenger hunt! What a cool idea.

    Char "caught on" pretty quickly . . . and she is learning to be creative, like her Mama. Good story, told expertly in photos -- as always.

  3. This makes me so "homesick" miss you guys terribly!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look of the blog friend (:

  4. What a seriously fun idea! At each stop was a friend/ family that they got to spend time with alone? How awesome!