Thursday, September 13, 2012

Order, Order.

I've been trying to get the house "in order"... This is my first week with a "full" schedule. Schooling in full force (it's really only 1.5 hours a day of schooling), all extra activities attended (Charlotte did a heck of a lot better at ballet this week-I know so many have probably wondered...), and kick off meeting of MOPS complete (first time not being on steering, and just attending as a "Mom")! I've been trying to figure out when to get dishes done, lunches/dinner cooked, laundry cleaned and put away, and on top of it, editing a bunch of photos... I've had a bunch of photo sessions, which is great (I love my clients!) and I'm nearly caught up, but it means I've been burning the midnight oil. I feel like I have to tell myself all day, "you can do it, keep on going, just one more load, etc."

When I was doing the whole "sugar" thing, I would let myself eat a piece of chocolate for every photo I completed. Needless to say, that's why I'm on the "no processed/refined sugar" kick these days... what motivates you all to continue going? Do you give yourself rewards/prizes?

I am however, thankful that I have a little one who decides to help me create "order" in the house... when it's a crazy disastrous mess...

Perhaps this is just a stage... I'm so hoping that after a few weeks of this schedule, I might just feel like this is "normal".
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  1. I feel like, as a mom, I am adjusting to new normals all the time! Right when I get the hang of it something changes! Not in a bad way, of course. The changes are always so exciting that I don't mind. New milestones and such.

  2. How can we EVER thank you enough for "sharing your life" with us this way (blogging). It is our life's blood of keeping up on Charlotte's progress, her life, your lives as a family. What a privilege to peek in and share what is happening. Not enough money in the world to pay you for your kindness in doing this.
    What do we do to motivate us? That's easy . . . we look at the pictures you are taking of Char, and realize that to keep going means an opportunity to contribute to this little girl's life for just a little longer. We have pictures all over our home, we have your blog, we have reminders of what she came from . . . and ALL give us motivation to go to work and keep striving, to keep praying, to keep looking up and thanking Him for who you all are. What a blessing to us!!!!! Can't wait until you are on this continent.

  3. Order, hmmm.... Very unmotivated to get our house in order since we'll be packing it all up and moving again come June :/

    Funny thing though - I have those same rain boots and Nathan has the same vibram 5fingers. How odd.