Monday, September 24, 2012

The Bright Side

I can't believe that when I looked at the calendar this morning (to check, and re-check my to do lists), that I noticed we're nearly a week away from September ending... where did September go? I think I usually feel this way about most months, but people... this month, FLEW by. I know it's because our schedules are completely full, but I just wish it would slow down a little. I feel overwhelmed most of the time, trying to keep up with the housework on top of everything else. Really, how can 3 people make so many dishes? or so much laundry? or such a mess? I suppose we're totally going for that "lived in home" sort of look these days. It's super easy to concentrate on the mess, that we completely forget to see the better side... the bright side... the side that says, "Oh, I have a messy house, well at least I have a roof over my head." Or the side that looks at the piles of dishes in the sink, and thinks, "I am so grateful for the fact that we have food in the fridge to put on all these plates." Or taking a glance at the huge pile of laundry and thinking, "Wow, we have water/washing machine to actually clean our clothes." 

Today was a day where I looked at my crazy, messy house, and wanted to bury myself. There are piles of clean laundry all over the couch waiting to be put away, beds needing to be "made", toys needing to be put away- a house that has visitors coming to stay in it soon, but it's a complete disaster. But then I saw that in that crazy mess, were some of Charlotte's toys... and in that pile of laundry, were the cutest little unders (that's what Charlotte calls underwear) with bows and hearts all over them.... and in that pile of dishes, were the tiniest spoons/forks that are only used for one little mouth in our household.  And I thought, "It's okay, it's all good... mess is what shows us, that we are living..." If I was on top of all of those messes, I would miss out on SO many things, the moments that make all those messes... 

Take a moment today, to look on the better... brighter... side. It's way lovely over here... Oh, and did I mention that I took a 2 hour nap thanks to that side? Yeah... I could have made the house look lovely, and I chose to snuggle with my little one instead... now it's your turn.
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  1. reminds me of the scotty mcreery song "dirty dishes". always helps me put things into perspective when i feel overwhelmed with life.

  2. You and I...we are on the same page today. I wrote about messy schedules. I feel ya, sister!