Friday, September 28, 2012

Week 3 Complete

This week completely flew by... probably because we had a million and one things to get done (we have birthday to celebrate on Saturday, and visitors coming into town)... but nonetheless, schooling was done. Lots of coloring, lots of writing the letter "C", lots of singing during song time, lots of sidewalk chalk, etc... We had tons of fun this week with cars. We created "C"s out of them, we traced over sidewalk chalk "C"s that were roads for the cars to drive on, and did lots of counting with the cars. When it came to coloring sheets, we stuck with those that were related to her birthday on Saturday- cupcakes and cake pictures. We had our first playgroup of the year... fun was had by all. There was a bouncy house, tons of tumbling mats, jump ropes, balls... a kid's paradise... and my paradise when she took a 2.5 hour nap later that afternoon. Next week, is going to be a little more relaxed (since we have visitors in town), and we'll be doing some day trips... I suppose you can say that they're school trips, because I'm sure she'll learn something from where we'll be heading! I love how portable school can be... I think it's  one of the things I'm going to love most about it.

and my personal favorite... "C" is for... 

Oh, and I had loads of it this week... but, I am starting- half regular/half decaf... trying to kick caffeine all together, but it's going to take some time. I didn't have any headaches, but felt completely lethargic the one morning that I only brewed decaf. blah.
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  1. I love the french braid! And the pig tails. And the fact that you keep crayons in mason jars! I am in Switzerland right now and saw a parked bus...and where it should say the destination (like Geneva or Paris or whatever)....well the sign said "Pause" and had a coffee cup on each side of it. I loved that! Jessica B

  2. Ack! I want to pick your brain on homeschooling. I feel really pulled to give it a try! That last pic is so true for me (except we don't have starbucks :()