Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Shake A Tail Feather...

Coming up with a costume for this year's Halloween... was something Charlotte went back and forth for, for days.... she was changing her mind, like she changes her unders... so I pretty much waited until the very last moment to throw her costume together, in fear that I'd sew something up that took SUPER long, and then she would change her mind. Okay... maybe that wasn't the reason I waited until the last moment- that might have something to do with my procrastination and crazy schedule as of late. She actually chose what she wanted to dress up as, because of revisiting blog posts from Hawaii... this one, in particular. She loves when I read old blog posts to her... I think she thinks it's her very own book, where she's the star... and I'm pretty certain that's what it's turned into.

But, as I finished up her costume yesterday... which took way longer than I had hoped... and had her try it on... it was that first initial smile, the smile that showed me the hours put in, were worth it... and then she danced around... and so I knew it was a keeper.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

A hot cup.

This morning... we had breakfast outside, and enjoyed the sunshine (while the East coast of America gets pounded with rain/wind...) I LOVED my view, and just had to share...

and then I got her "seriously Mama, you're taking pictures of me eating my oatmeal?" face... oh how I adore that face... 

and that there... would be steam coming from my HOT cup of coffee.. it's NOT been photoshopped... and I definitely put the camera down, and enjoyed that HOT cup and my view this morning.
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Scarf Swap... JOIN IN!

With the temps dropping, and the leaves changing... there's no way to keep a sweet little scarf away from my neck! Oh, how I love scarves... I have a million of them, but still manage a way to wear each and every one of them each year, so that none of them get lonely... because you know, scarves have feelings. You can't wear one more than the other... that just wouldn't be fair... even though I do tend to favor this one, that my sweet friend Haley made for me... it's the perfect color, perfect length, perfect in all aspects of the word "cozy"... 

Do you enjoy scarves as much as I do? If so... I have a way to join in, in celebrating this cold weather that's upon us... won't you join me in a... 

For those that want "in" on this FUN little swap... here are the details

Each person who wants to participate, needs to e-mail me at:, with subject: Scarf Swap (so it doesn't end up in the spam box, please.) and answer the following questions... by this Friday, the 2nd of November. Each person participating will receive their partner by 5 November.

- What's your FAVORITE thing about Fall? 
- What's your FAVORITE color? 
- What smell comes to mind when you think of the word Fall? (sorry, random... but I LOVE random)... 
- What's your favorite way to wear a scarf? 
- What's your blog address? 

include your address, and if you'd be willing to mail off to an APO address or an overseas address? 

Once you receive your receive your swap partner (someone will be paired up with me, unless we have an uneven amount of responses/participants), the fun begins! Take to heart your partners' answers and go on out and find a scarf for them, or if you can, create one! Spend no more than 20.00 on said scarf... if less, pick up little goodies to add to the package! 

Each package must be mailed out by 14 November (a little earlier if you're an international address, or APO)... so it gives plenty of time for packages to be received, photographed and blogged about for a link up party by 23 November... here on the blog! It's going to be SO fun to see everyone's goodies, and how they wear their scarves! Are you going to join in? I think you should. Get to it, send me an e-mail! Feel free to spread the word, by grabbing a button... the more the merrier!
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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy Mail

When there aren't certain craft shops around, and your supplies run low, it's easy peesy to do a little "splurge" on etsy... but really, these weren't splurging. I used a different store in the past to order my "washi tape", but decided to do a general search on etsy when placing my latest order... SOOOO many more shops sell washi tape now, and the prices are super competitive. But, I managed to find a GREAT shop, with GREAT variety, and it shipped SUPER quick to my APO address... seriously, I got it in 4 business days... woah! Not to mention, I received a little "freebie"/surprise as I opened up the package! I wanted to share this great shop with you... The Washi Shop... but just remember to leave some for me, mmmkay?

If you check out the top tab of her shop, for a limited time she has a discount code! WOOHOO for you! But if you're here in Korea, it's only good for a few more hours, so get on it!
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Friday, October 26, 2012

Week 7 Complete...

This week of homeschooling was a little "g" rueling... I felt non-creative... completely and utterly "out of ideas"... so, we stuck to TONS of coloring, practicing the letter "G" both upper and lowercase, practiced drawing shapes (she can do a circle, square, and triangle... and tell you how many sides each one has or doesn't have), and lots of physical fitness. She's totally enjoyed doing "pull-ups" on Daddy's bar outside, a bunch... in fact, if she doesn't get her pull-ups in, she whines/complains... and we also had a fabulous playground play date with some dear friends from MOPS... oh how she could swing for hours- or just play on the playground- I'm fairly certain we were there for nearly 2 hours. Again, we're trying to get "in" our time before it gets too chilly!

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Thursday, October 25, 2012


Like oatmeal much? 

Look like I'm going to have to start monitoring Charlotte's intake of oatmeal... otherwise we'll go through 7 canisters of quick oats a week... 
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Pickin'... sort of.

It's 100% Fall here... the leaves have changed colors, fields have been harvested... the chilly winds have arrived, soups are acceptable for dinner, and my feet are "nearly" ready for socks... not quite, but almost...

The only thing missing... pumpkins. So we made our way to the local "patch" (aka... the base grocery store), and got to pickin'! 

Next year, we'll be sure to let Charlotte experience her very first "pumpkin patch"... I have a feeling it's going to go something like, "Ummm, Mama, why would we "pick" one, when we can go buy one at the grocery store?"... Little does she know about the hayrides and yummy hot apple cider... so please friends, go and enjoy a day at the patch for me.
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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Final {Korean} Air Show...

We can now officially say we've been to our LAST Air Show here in Korea... Tons of walking, tons of gawking at all the jets/helicopters, tons of "ohhhhh"ing and "ahhh"ing, tons of excitement over finding something "new" to see, tons of smelling of all the food that every tent was serving up (but only gave in to a hotdog), etc. It was fun, exhausting, and yet we're SO happy it was our last. The crowds were ridiculous... I'm fairly certain the entire Korean population was here... but, it was one of those things we HAD to do one last time.

Her favorite spots to view the Black Eagle show... either on Daddy's shoulders, or on the ground munching on a cookie... 

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