Thursday, October 04, 2012

Another FULL day

Day 2 (the final day-they departed that evening to head back to Germany) was another FULL but fun day. Because it was Chuseok holiday (Korean Thanksgiving/Fall Harvest), it was tough to think about where to take them, or what to do, without hitting too much of a crowd. I thought the Korean Folk Village and Wawoo Temple were good candidates, and apparently EVERY other Korean person had the same thoughts as me. Of course. So we battled crowds, and still managed to have fun. The toughest part, was sending them off to the bus station to head out... but, there's always our next visit with one another...

Always has to be the center of attention- or in this case, the center of the stage/entertainment... 

sorry for the photo dump... I just can't help myself when we have such beautiful colors here in Korea during the fall (and it just started!)
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  1. One day, when you aren't there anymore, you will be SO GLAD for all these photos. What a cool adventure you have been on.

  2. Thanks for sharing ~ really love the shot of the performers doing the twisting jump.