Saturday, October 20, 2012

Final {Korean} Air Show...

We can now officially say we've been to our LAST Air Show here in Korea... Tons of walking, tons of gawking at all the jets/helicopters, tons of "ohhhhh"ing and "ahhh"ing, tons of excitement over finding something "new" to see, tons of smelling of all the food that every tent was serving up (but only gave in to a hotdog), etc. It was fun, exhausting, and yet we're SO happy it was our last. The crowds were ridiculous... I'm fairly certain the entire Korean population was here... but, it was one of those things we HAD to do one last time.

Her favorite spots to view the Black Eagle show... either on Daddy's shoulders, or on the ground munching on a cookie... 

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  1. She is way too adorable with her little flight suit on!

  2. Great pictures as always, and Charlotte's flight suit is AWESOME!

  3. Love the flight suit with the sparkly shoes! :)