Sunday, October 07, 2012

let's "reconnect"...

This past Friday was DATE NIGHT... oh you fellow Mamas know just how exciting it is to have one of these. It's been sometime since we last went out without the little one... It was a quick evening... dinner/coffee... but we had a splendid time. Friday morning, I was actually thinking about how much the two of us have changed, especially since becoming "mama" and "daddy", and yet, I didn't want us to go out at night, and talk about the same things we've been talking about- Charlotte, leaving Korea, our new house (to be) in Oklahoma, work/photography, etc. I wanted the evening to be "fresh" filled with completely new conversation... and to feel like we were on our very "first date"... again. So, instead of tackling that pile of dishes, or folding that last load of laundry.... I created some "getting to know each other" cards... except, since we already "know" each other, I shall call them "re-kindling" cards... Cards to help us "re-connect"... and "re-connect, we did.

We chatted for as long as we could... and went through as many cards as we could... without it seeming like we "NEEDED" the cards. After being married to your best friend for 7 years, there's still so much to find out... much surprised me. Now go, grab a sitter, and take your spouse out... ask them some things that you've never asked them before... if you need some guidance, check this site out. The creative wheels in my brain started to turn... and I might just have something completely new in the shop come the new year... all thanks to creating these cards. enjoy it.. reconnect with your honey!
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