Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Practicing What We Preach

Sometimes a day "off" involves just having some sweet family time. We've been trying to promote health and well being to Charlotte... especially since she's getting upset at the thought of having chicken/veggies for dinner nearly every night... instead of french fries. Or a bowl of blueberries instead of ice cream. Yes, she gets "treats" every once in awhile, but... for the most part, we don't stock that stuff in the house, or go out of our way to purchase it when we're eating out. Like I said, only special "treats" every now and then. The hubs has been a CROSSFIT fiend, and I've started running, so we needed something for Charlotte... we took her out on her tricycle, and although she complained some of the way... she made it all the way down the path, and back... it's important to finish what you started (or at least that's what we've been preaching)... now to remember those words when I'm dying on mile number 2...

The bag says not to give these to children under the age of 6, because they're a "choking" hazard... but my question to you is, "What's better for you... nuts/seeds or skittles/m&ms?" The last time I checked a candy bag, I didn't recall this warning... thanks for the warning Nature's Best, but I think I'll take my risk and encourage my little one to enjoy your scrumptiousness... I want her to learn that you are candy to her tastebuds, instead of the fake stuff... 

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  1. Keep up the good work mom and dad :) ~ yes nuts and seeds not little candies ;)

  2. These are such cute photos!!! You always have such lovely days!! xo

  3. :) These make me smile...that's all I've got.

  4. What a sweet, sweet family!! And amazing photos!! :)