Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Pickin'... sort of.

It's 100% Fall here... the leaves have changed colors, fields have been harvested... the chilly winds have arrived, soups are acceptable for dinner, and my feet are "nearly" ready for socks... not quite, but almost...

The only thing missing... pumpkins. So we made our way to the local "patch" (aka... the base grocery store), and got to pickin'! 

Next year, we'll be sure to let Charlotte experience her very first "pumpkin patch"... I have a feeling it's going to go something like, "Ummm, Mama, why would we "pick" one, when we can go buy one at the grocery store?"... Little does she know about the hayrides and yummy hot apple cider... so please friends, go and enjoy a day at the patch for me.
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  1. we totally are missing the pumpkin farms this year!!! cute pumpkin "pickin" lol

  2. :) Love this- and how fun that your com has kid carts like that- ours really should, except I guess I'd have 3 kids fighting over it and that would be a disaster.. ;)

  3. So excited you will be in the midwest! We are going to Edmond/OKC around thanksgiving this year and I've already been thinking that next year we can make seeing you part of our visit! Yippie!

  4. I don't know where you live, but we used to live in a little town called Orting, outside of Tacoma Washington. One of your pictures in this post made me smile because we used to drive through the "country" and I would say to my little kids, "look, that's where marshmallows grow".

    I'm also an adopted mom of 2 girls from Ukraine (10 and 11 at adoption, now 14 and 15).

    Your pictures are Beautiful!