Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Sugar Coma

Awhile ago, I asked Charlotte what she would like to do for her birthday, and her immediate response was, "Make a birthday cake"... done. That sounded simple enough! She then said she'd love a party, and some cupcakes. Fairly simple still... the only problem-tons of her friends have recently moved away (as in this summer and fall)... As soon as I found out that the hubs' work was having an end of the summer shindig, I knew it would be the perfect place to "celebrate" her birthday... with some cupcakes... and of course Daddy made sure there was a bouncy house. Before that, we made sure we had some great family time together- filled with laughter (tons of tickles), balloon wars, baking of cakes, decorating cupcakes, opening birthday presents, and playing with those presents.

As soon as Charlotte woke up in the morning, she was greeted with MANY balloons on the floor... we had extravagant plans to already be awake/watching for her reaction. But the girl actually slept in on her birthday (an additional hour than she normally sleeps), so the hubs and I stayed in bed, and waited for her to come downstairs. The moment she entered our bedroom, the first thing that came out of her mouth was, "It's my BIRFDAY!" She was so excited... and from there, the day began. She started it off by opening up on of her presents... and she just so happened to pick one of the ones from Mommy and Daddy- the character, "Eugene" from Tangled. Pretty sure she played with him for at least an hour before she was ready for breakfast... no thought of opening another gift, even entered her mind- she was smitten with him.

Here's a photo of Charlotte introducing Runyan to the "new" man in her life... he looks fairly impressed... nope. not. one. bit.

Eugene even shared some breakfast with us... 

and then Charlotte opened up more presents... 


It took awhile to get through the presents... because she didn't just want to rip open each and every gift... she wanted to play with each present for at least 15 minutes some longer before she was ready for another. The girl requested to bake her own cake, so although I made cupcakes the night before... she helped me create her chocolate cake.

and then helped me decorate the cupcakes for her "friends" at Daddy's work. 

Next on our list, was delivering these cupcakes to the barbeque, and having fun with some bouncing! 

and then, the moment she was waiting for... 

Here's to you sweet girl of mine... Mommy loves you so much, that she joined in on the celebration and ate that sugary cupcake! wowzers, I'm fairly certain I was in a sugar coma that night... 

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  1. Happy Birthday Charlotte! Looks like the day was super fun!

  2. I adore the picture of her touching your face! :)

  3. Ah, Happy Birthday, Charlotte! Such a lovely day! xxx

  4. Happy Birthday Charlotte! Looks like it was a fabulous day!