Friday, October 05, 2012

Week 4 Complete

This week was the week after little one's 5th birthday, and lets just say, it was one of those "downer" weeks (especially after our Germany company left). We got started right away on the letter "D", and she did fairly well. I also showed her the difference between little "d" and little "b" and she could make that difference visually... whew. we're getting somewhere. When the time comes to work on writing lowercase, I hope it sticks then as well. We spent MOST of our time this week counting, and doing puzzles, and enjoying the beautiful fall weather. Thankfully, presents still made their way in throughout the week, to sort of help the end of the birthday feeling fade away (hopefully). One in particular was from Tante Tini (my sister- we call her Aunt in German) and her family, and lets just say Charlotte totally freaked out... you'll see in the photos. Tante Tini created "dinosaur" feet for her, and Charlotte ended up marching around EVERYWHERE for the rest of the week. Another week down, here's to hoping "E" is an "e"ven better week.

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