Friday, October 19, 2012

Week 5/6 complete!

We've been breezing through our homeschooling weeks over here... I can't believe in just a little over a week, we'll be closing in on the end of the month of October. I really have NO idea where this time is flying, but it's flying... and strangely, I'm okay with that. I'm starting to get SUPER excited about the idea of moving on to a "new" place... and all the exploring that comes with that. I'm excited to be in the same side of the world as family/friends. Since I totally failed to post last week's completed school week, this week, will be a major photo dump of the last 2 weeks... oh lucky you. Here's a look at what we've been up to:

Charlotte hasn't only mastered "E", but also lowercase "e"... and the same goes for "F" and "f".

She can already recognize all of her shapes, but these last two weeks, she's been able to draw them, and work on worksheets.

A sweet friend recommended the idea of developing some fine motor skills, by ripping paper- little ones don't really know that "motion"... Charlotte caught on quickly, and enjoyed it so much. She wrote an "E" on each piece, and placed it in an "e"nvelope... sealed it up, and addressed it to herself. I've SO enjoyed watching her write her name out. She still needs help remembering the order of her letters, but she's slowly catching on.

We "f"ingerpainted some little baggies that we're using for gift wrapping...

And visited our local "f"arm to see the pigs, bunnies, goats and ducks. True story- the petting farm used to have an ostrich locked up in one of the cages... but it's no longer there. Either it totally bit someone's finger off... or it found a way to "fly the coup"... either way, that thing was HUGE.

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