Monday, November 05, 2012


Dare I say it... oh yes... I shall...

Just a little recap of how things are going in the "running" world... I'm more than half way through my 5k training... and lets just say that I'm feeling great (other than the unusual lightheadedness that I recently acquired.) I've upped my water, electrolyte and protein intake... so now I'm just trying to figure out the lightheadedness...

I've also added some CrossFit for strength training in between... on those days that says "rest or run/walk", and I'm definitely maxing out my walking time on Sundays. Somehow, in all of this, I have found ENJOYMENT, in it. I NEVERINAMILLIONYEARS would have thought that I'd "love" running...

I was the girl in highschool that NEVER ran the mile for the physical fitness test, but rather walked it... and would make sure to make it in just under 20 minutes, so that I would "pass" and could be deemed "physically fit". When now, I can RUN (or in my case slow jog) 2 miles in just about 20 minutes. And the best part, I catch my second wind right when I'm about to stop... yup, my body likes this. Weird.

I started running "barefoot" with my Vibram toe shoes... and although I adore the feel of them, my left ankle/heel did not... well not entirely. I was able to get through 3 weeks, before it started acting up. So, I recently purchased a pair of Minimus New Balance, that give me just that little bit of extra support in my heel/ankle... and I have been fine since. I am however, running in my toe shoes for my midweek "shorter" run and using them for my walks. But when it comes to races, and longer distances, I'll probably stick with the Minimus ones.

I'm in the transition to cold weather... and yes, it hurts my little lungs, but so far, I'm able to tolerate the cold. I think for now, I'll have to "pack away" the warmer attire, and start bundling up... but not too much. I did a run the other day, and it "looked" cold outside, and lets just say I "overheated" along the way... Yup, fail... but, now I know what temps my body can handle with specific attire. I guess the idea is to still feel a little "cold" in whatever you're wearing... because as soon as your body starts going, you definitely warm up.

If you say, "Um, Karen... I can't even do a 5k plan, because I can't run 1.5 miles..." then I laugh in your face and say, "YES YOU CAN!" because I was in the same boat. Even though this plan says I completed 4 weeks, I've actually been at it for over 6. When I started, I was running/walking... and it began at 3/4 of a mile... yup, that's all I could do. I could only walk/run 3/4 of a mile before I felt like DEATH. But, you have to start somewhere... and then push your body... because it WANTS to do it... it's usually your mind that keeps you from it (or at least that was my case). Remember, this is a journey, and no one just gets where they "want" to be at the snap of a finger... although that'd be REALLY cool if that could be the case. You just have to keep "pushing" yourself.

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  1. I used to enjoy running until I turned 17. Then I started hating it. No idea why but I've been wanting to get back into it again even though it's been years...
    this definitely gives me a little more inspiration to do so!

  2. What an inspiration you are! I've had the opposite career in running... in middle school, I was in cross county, and did well believe it or not. In high school, I did track, volleyball, and dance (ok, not specifically running, but exercising nonetheless) Now, almost 8 years out of high school and I can't even run a 1/2 mile. I tried this summer, and almost had to dial 911. PATHETIC!!! I know we need to start out slow and push ourselves, but how do you stay motivated?? I never did like running, I think it was peer pressure thing, haha... but it seems like its the best workout you can give your bod!