Thursday, November 15, 2012

Piling Up...

And today's "dragging day" is brought to you by a yummy snack for Charlotte from Starbucks, and a caffeinated yummy snack for Mommy... outside. Yup, cold/fresh air, and some liquid motivation (for me) is the only way to get through today.

Everything continues to pile on top of one another (why am I blogging? oh that's right, to remember this time in my life!) and although things are getting marked off the "lists" of things "to do", more pops on it. Have I mentioned that next Saturday we leave for Thailand, for a few days, and then as soon as we get back, we pack out of our house? Yup. I'm crazy for keeping my schedule busy all the way until next Friday... what's with me? Oh, that's right... I strive under pressure. For now, I must compartmentalize, and figure out what needs to be done day by day... it's the only way to get through it. How do you cope with tackling "to-do" lists?
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  1. I have to write down things to do each day leading up to the event. Otherwise I get overwhelmed.

  2. Exactly like that! Compartmentalizing day by day, beginning with the most important. That way, when I inevitably can't get done with all of it, the rest can slide.

  3. I am a work better under pressure type too!! :) I am always more productive when I have a long to-do list!!