Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quick "Pick Me Up"

You know there's nothing like curing that "dragging" feeling in the afternoon... with a walk. You know the drag... the kind where 4 cups of coffee don't do a thing, a 30 minute nap does NOT refresh, and your sleep cycle was interrupted that night because a little one decided that 4 am was an acceptable time to come and say "hi" in your ear. We also had MOPS this morning, which meant I needed to have Charlotte and I (I have NO idea how moms with more than one do it) out the door by 8:45, to make it "on time." When 4:00 pm rolls around these days, it's sort of like the dreaded hour or so... since she kicked the "nap", it's time of the day, where she's restless, but yet has all this "extra" energy (that she doesn't share with me), and she starts getting antsy. It seems to be the time of the day, that I always try and spend out of the house. I think it's because when she's out, she's less likely to complain, ask for 4 snacks before dinner (she's a bored eater), less likely to get frustrated, and is usually just excited to be "out". Sometimes we run errands, other times, we go for a walk. Today, because I was dragging... and wasn't feeling like errands... we managed a 30 minute walk. Lets just say, with the temperatures dropping, it DEFINITELY woke me up. It was the quickest "pick me up"... just going out and exploring with the little one.

All the cabbage heads are being plucked, and stored away... 

It's amazing how with the rain we've had, how the temps have dropped... as have the leaves from the trees... We did find one maple, that was still a sight for tired eyes... It's holding on strong to its leaves, and I don't blame it, it was beautiful.

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  1. You are so incredibly gracious to us . . . sharing your life in this way! Thank you, sweet daughter-in-law, for letting us peek at how you are doing, how you are investing your day. Loved the pic of piled up cabbage . . . with the blue gateway where they "oversprayed" paint on the brick supports. Kind of like, "what were you thinking? How about a paint brush instead of a spray can?!?!?!?!" Noticed it's time to find a new pair of boots for the little one. I LOVE the fact that she is actually WEARING them out. Can tell she is super active and loves to go with Mama on outtings! Much love to you all!!!!!

  2. Do you have the 1.8 or 1.4 for your 50mm? Love your photos! I tried to pull mine out and use my 50mm and my photos just aren't good. It seems to be a pretty slow lens on my camera (I have the 1.8.) I might sell it and try the 1.4 since I hear that's a big improvement. And while I'm on it, how do you do your focus? Do you have the back button focus and then frame the shot and shoot? I'm still trying to figure that out. Oh, and with 2 kids, you totally wing it. Or you have your kids looking cute while your hair is in a pony tail and you're in sweats. =)

  3. that's a lot of cabbage!! seriously, love the photos. i've definitely had days when things are just blah. reboots are necessary.

  4. Gorgeous pictures!

    We've been having those kinds of days lately and it's been so wet and cold out it's been hard to get out of the house.