Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Turkey Trotting...

It's Thanksgiving... and today was the day... I pushed it back 2 days, to make it super special... but I did it... I made it to 5K! I tested myself, and hosted my very own "turkey trot" here at my house- well, around my neighborhood. I could have done it awhile ago... yes, I could have pushed myself at least 3 weeks ago to do it, but... I would have been "feeling" it after the big run, and my breathing would have been off, and I might not have had a great pace... So, I stuck to the plan... to do a little at a time, add a little at a time... giving my body the proper rest in between, and cross/strength training in between each run.

I went out strong friends... super strong... I made it to my halfway point in 12:41... the second half was a little rough- I was definitely sweating more than I would have liked- a little overheated- but, I made it back. 

So now, it's time to enjoy that sweet Thanksgiving meal... and maybe indulge in a little pie... and then get right back on the horse... time to add more mileage... Thank you family and sweet friends, you inspire these legs to keep going... and that they will. I'm SO thankful for them, and hope they love me back to keep on going... Happy Thanksgiving All!
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  1. yay! congrats! one would think that running is just that - you run but i now know that you actually have to BUILD up to it!

    i'm also learning how to pace myself/build my endurance to run longer. i'm using the couch to 10K app and just going at probably what veteran runners call a "grandmother's pace" but at least i'm doing it, right?

    and does that watch you're wearing track KMs or miles? or were you timing yourself only?