Sunday, November 18, 2012

Week 10 Complete

Another week of homeschooling down... The weeks keep on coming, and somehow I manage to get the time "in", in our schedule. The next two weeks, we'll be a little 'lax with it, since next week is Thanksgiving, and the week after, we'll be in Thailand. But, that's the great thing, we can bring school wherever/whenever! We had lots of fun with the letter "k" this week... and although we did a bunch, I didn't manage to photograph it all. I definitely put down the camera A LOT this week, because I knew this weekend would be busy with it... as it's been my FINAL weekend here in Korea where I took on photoshoots.

Charlotte loves to write the letter "K", and she managed to figure out how to draw a diamond shape... a very "rough" looking diamond shape, but one nonetheless. We've been doing TONS of matching with flashcards, puzzles, and we started "telling time" this week (it wasn't successful). We traced some "k"eys (which she was easily frustrated at doing), and have the parts to create a kaleidoscope (even though we didn't get around to that- we'll get to it next week). She'll even tell you, that my name, "Karen" starts with a "k". Oh she loves learning, and I adore her drive... I wish I had her drive when it came to preparing the week of schooling... even just a little bit of it, I would gladly accept.

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